Our Mission

We went to the most cutting edge hospitals in the world and were shocked by the misuse of technology.

Doctors and nurses spent more time looking at computer screens than at patients.
Critical moments for the sickest patients were lost looking for imaging results and lab updates buried in unlabeled CDs or huge stacks of printed reports.
Paper forms were both redundant over electronic forms and full of contradictory information.

The next stage of our relationship with technology — using wearable devices — should be used to benefit our health. That's why we're here.

The Founders

Noor Siddiqui sees technology as a force multiplier to improve the human condition. She founded Remedy to build the healthcare system she wants to get treated by. Noor has spoken about her work internationally, as well as in the US at DEMO Enterprise, TEDx, and The Singularity Summit. Her work has been sponsored by Dell and Intel and written about in The Washington Post, Forbes, and BusinessInsider. Noor is also the recipient of the Thiel Fellowship, a program spawned by Paypal founder turned venture capitalist Peter Thiel, that grants 20 entrepreneurs under 20 $100,000 to solve real world problems.

Gina Siddiqui thinks we are at the start of an upheaval of our modern health system, so she left her last year of medical school at the University of Pennsylvania to shape it. Before Remedy, she worked on a nation-wide telemedicine program that brought the 90 day wait time for a dermatologist's assessment in Philadelphia to under an hour and cut new patient visits from 60 minutes down to 5. She also worked in the health systems of Botswana, Chile, and Pakistan to perfect delivering care with limited resources. Gina has authored pieces on the future of healthcare in TIME, Quartz, and for organizations such as The Advisory Board Company.

Meet the Team

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